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A consulting breakthrough
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I'm Andleen,
a corporate consultant
who specialises in mindset and behavioural change using a myriad of coaching techniques.


My team employs a unique blend of personal facilitated discussions and various professional tools & techniques to create exponential change & growth both personally and in the corporate environment. 

Our Clients



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Jessica Rose, 
Educational Leader, Writer,
Artist, Environmental Activist

Andleen's personal and professional coaching has been life changing for me.  I am so grateful that I have had the chance to work with her.   I was first introduced to Andleen at a Rejuvenation Retreat she led.  The retreat was a pivotal moment for me to see I could take control of my future mindset for success.  Through her coaching and support, I have been able to reconnect with my personal vision as well as improve my professional focus.  Since the retreat I have had the opportunity to attend her 5-day Empowering You Inner Self Retreat and have engaged in one on one coaching.  Together, we have created a set of strategies and tools to help me to continue to see my own strength and purpose both for my life right now and for my future.  Working with her has been life changing.  If you are even thinking about attending a retreat, or taking part in the 5 Day Course or setting up coaching, do it!  I am a stronger, happier, more successful person today because of Andleen's coaching.  I cannot recommend her more highly.


Dr. Malika Meghjani, PhD
Computer Scientist and

Andleen has been a beyond exceptional coach. She helped me debunk my fears by guiding me to discover their root causes from my past and bringing self-awareness in present. Her step-by-step and practical coaching tools have helped me develop a new perspective to my challenges in life and have empowered me to rise above my normal.

Modern Office Building

Branding Consultant

When I met Andleen 18 months ago I did not know what to expect as I’d never engaged a life coach before but Andleen did come highly recommended. 

I met Andleen when I was feeling stuck and was drowning. In less than a year Andleen pulled me out of the water, resuscitated me and injected purpose and passion back into my life.  

She is known for her MANTRA “You have to do the work,” and she damn well means it. 

Andleen has helped me declutter and re-organize my life both personally and professionally. In less than a year we reached the goals I had set out to achieve through life-coaching.  

18 months later Andleen is still very much an integral part of my personal and professional growth. 

Trust is the key that unlocks. She is kind, honest, focused, compassionate and knowledgeable and experienced. She possesses the techniques and tools that will help you unlock your potential as she has done for many women like me.  


Kimberly Nina
Director of Business Development 

If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!” Richard Branson said this but I truly learnt it under Andleen’s guidance.  The best thing I have learnt is to tell my true story. I always say “I am a trained lawyer – but I’m not really a lawyer” (I am, just don’t work as what you would think as a black and white suited going to court or handling litigation or conveyancing matters) and repeat this pattern in almost every aspect of my life. 

For so much of my working life, I was always apologetic, trying to fly below the radar (because if you get noticed, that’s how you get in trouble), and never had the confidence in my abilities. These self-limiting beliefs have not been magicked away, but thanks to Andleen opening up my eyes to what was holding me back, and giving me the tools to overcome them, keeps me bettering my game every day. 

Andleen relates easily to everyone, in all walks of life. I am constantly awed by how she has such deep insight to people from such a varied background/culture/belief system and yet can find the commonality in all of us.  She asks the right questions to extrapolate our own realisation which is the strongest way to make an internal change. My life has certainly changed for the better since I met Andleen!

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